Set Up Versions and Themes

For each group of users defined in Destiny access levels, you can choose between two versions of Destiny Discover:

  • Simplified (recommended for grades K-5; contains bright colors and graphics)
  • Standard (recommended for grades 6-12; traditional blue and white interface)


  • Each Destiny access level contains a set of permissions. This includes assigning a role (from the Collection Role drop-down), which defines the version of Destiny Discover they see, as well as actions a user can perform in Collections by Destiny┬«. By default, all roles are set up to see the Standard version.
  • Setting up versions and themes requires the Destiny access level permission, Allow Follett Digital Setup.

To assign versions and themes:

  1. From the Destiny Discover header, select > Admin.
  2. Select Display Options > Versions & Themes.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • To update all roles: Next to Set All, select Simplified or Standard.
    • To update an individual role: Next to the role(s) you want to update, select Simplified or Standard.

    Note: If you use the Set All option, you can modify individual roles, as needed.

  4. If you selected Simplified:
    1. From the Theme drop-down, select one of the following: Space, Kids Outside, Aquarium, Bookfair, Technology, Sports or Gradient.
      Tip: Consider selecting a different theme for guests, so it's easy to quickly see if a student is logged in.
    2. If you want to enable Search Options, select Show Search Options.
    3. If you want to enable sharing title details with a permalink or QR code, select Show Share on title details.
  5. Click Save.

    Versions and Themes setup page.

Note: A Destiny Administrator or district user can push settings to any or all schools in your district.