Share library resources with permalinks and QR codes

Librarians and teachers can use permalinks and QR (Quick Response) codes to share a specific title details page.

For example, put a permalink on your library webpage to give students one-click access to a new book. Or, insert a QR code into a flyer, and post it in the school lobby. Students can scan the code with their mobile device to go directly to that item's title details.

To access and copy a permalink or QR code to a resource:

  1. From Title Preview or a title details page, selectMore Options icon. > Share.
    Title Preview with Share option highlighted.
  2. Use the following table to choose what you want to do:
    If you want to...Then...

    Download a QR code

    1. To save a file with the QR code image, click Download QR Code.
    2. Insert the file into a document.

    Share a permalink to a title details page

    1. To copy the URL, click Copy icon..
    2. Paste the permalink into the document or webpage.

    Note: Permalinks and QR codes are not available for One Search™, WebPath Express™, and Digital Resource Link resources.

To learn how to export titles, see Share titles to Google Classroom or other learning platforms.