Set up the user homepage and Discover page (for Destiny Discover Engage users)

If you have a subscription to Destiny Discover Engage, students will see fun features that help guide their reading journey right when they log in.


  • This feature requires a subscription to Destiny Discover Engage. If you do not have Destiny Discover Engage, see Set up the Destiny Discover homepage instead.
  • Customizing these pages requires the permission, Allow Follett Digital setup.
  • To learn how to choose a theme, set a default search results view, or choose a reading program to feature, see Configure custom settings.

The user homepage is what patrons see when they log in. The layout includes:

Homepage layout.

If a patron clicks the Discover link in the Destiny Discover header, it opens the Discover page. You can customize this page to show the content you want to feature, in the order you want it to appear.

Discover page layout.

Customize the user homepage

Use the following instructions to customize the user homepage.

Update the hero banner

Choose any public reading program to feature on the homepage.

User homepage banner.

  1. Go to Discover Admin.
  2. Select Display Options > Featured Content.
  3. In the Home Page Banner section, from the Featured Reading Program drop-down, select a program. It saves automatically.

    Home Page Banner section.

    Note: If you do not want to show a banner, select None.

Add custom text, links, images, and videos

You can add content to the top of the user homepage to include text, images, videos, and/or links.

  1. Go to Discover Admin.
  2. Select Display Options > Featured Content.
  3. For the title, click Edit icon., type or edit the title, and then click Save icon..

    Content with edit icon next to title highlighted.

  4. For the content, click Edit icon., use the content editor to add or edit content, and then click Ok.

    Content editor with icons for adding links, uploading an image and embedding a video highlighted.


    • The maximum image size is 7 MB.
    • In addition to text, you can add links, upload an image, or embed a video using its URL.

Set up custom carousels

Use custom carousels to create virtual book displays, including print and digital titles of your choice. Add up to 15 carousels to the Discover page. Then choose one custom carousel to feature on the user homepage.

To add custom carousels:

  1. Go to Discover Admin.
  2. Select Display Options > Featured Content.
  3. In the Featured Custom Carousel or Discover Page carousels sections, click Manage Custom Carousels.
    Custom Carousel section.
  4. Click +New Custom Carousel.
    Custom Carousels page with New Custom Carousel button highlighted.
  5. Type a Carousel Name, which will appear above the carousel.
  6. To make the carousel available, select Visible.
  7. To schedule the carousel to appear during a specific date range, select Schedule this carousel, and then enter a Start Date and End Date.


    • If you select Visible and do not schedule the carousel, it will appear indefinitely.
    • To schedule a carousel, you must select Visible. It will only appear during the scheduled dates.
  8. From the Sort By drop-down, choose the order you want resources to appear in the carousel.
  9. Click Save Custom Carousel.

To select a custom carousel to feature on the user homepage:

  1. Go to Discover Admin.
  2. Select Display Options > Featured Content.
  3. From the Featured Custom Carousel drop-down, select a carousel.
  4. Click Save.

To add a resource to a custom carousel:

Note: Resources appear in the order they are added, from left to right.

  1. Search Destiny Discover for a resource you want to add.
  2. From search results, Title Preview, or a title's details, click More Options icon..
  3. Select Update Carousels > Add to Existing Carousel.
    Search result with More Options, Update Carousels, and Add to Existing Carousel options highlighted.
  4. Next to the carousel(s) you want to add the title to, click ADD.

To add multiple resources from search results to a custom carousel:

  1. From the top of the search results page, click UPDATE CAROUSELS.
  2. Select the checkbox for each title you want to include.
    Search results with Update Carousels and titles highlighted.
  3. From the Update (Number of selected results) drop-down, select Add to Existing Carousel.
    Search results page with Update drop-down highlighted.
  4. Next to the carousel(s) you want to add the title to, click ADD.

To remove a resource from a custom carousel:

  1. Search Destiny Discover for a resource you want to remove.
  2. From the homepage, search results, Title Preview, or a title's details, select More Options icon..
  3. Select Update Carousels > Remove from Carousel.
    Book with More Options and Remove from Carousel highlighted.
  4. From the REMOVE FROM CUSTOM CAROUSELS slide-out, next to the appropriate carousel, click REMOVE.

    Note: If the title is in multiple carousels, you can select which carousels to remove the title from, and then click REMOVE FROM SELECTED.

Add Learning Resources

Learning Resources are visual links to One Search™ databases, a Lightbox™ subscription, or any other link you want to add to the Discover page.

To add, edit, or delete a custom Learning Resource:


  • If you want to include a link to a database, see the Add a One Search database section below.
  • If you have a Lightbox subscription, you can add it as a custom link.
  1. Go to Discover Admin.
  2. Next to Learning Resources, click Edit icon..
  3. Use the following table to determine your next steps:

    If you want to...


    Add a custom link

    1. Click + New Resource Link.
    2. Type a Display Name.
    3. Type or paste a link in the Link to URL field.
    4. Type a Description (optional).
    5. To add an image to show with the link, click the default image, and browse to an image file you have saved (optional).
    6. Click Save Resource Link.

      New Resource LInk pop-up.

    Edit a custom link

    1. Next to the link you want to edit, click Edit icon..
    2. Edit any of the fields.
    3. Click Save Resource Link.

    Delete a custom link

    1. Next to the link you want to delete, click Delete icon.. A pop-up appears.
    2. To confirm the deletion, click Delete Resource Link.

To add a One Search database as a Learning Resource:

One Search databases are configured in Destiny Library Manager. In order for a database to show as a Learning Resource in Destiny Discover, make sure the Display in Destiny Discover Homepage Links Section checkbox is selected in the One Search configuration for that database.

Edit Database settings.

Note: For instructions on setting up One Search, see Destiny Back Office Help or Follett Community.

Customize the Discover page

You can customize the Featured Content carousels that appear on the Discover page.

Note: Patrons access the Discover page by clicking Discover in the header. This is where they go to browse the catalog.

Choose and arrange carousels

  1. Go to Discover Admin.
  2. Select Display Options > Featured Content.
  3. In the Discover Page Carousels section, select or deselect the carousels you want to show or hide.
    Discover page carousels.

    Note: Carousels only appear on the homepage if they have content.

  4. Drag and drop any of the carousel buttons to change their order of appearance.
  5. At the bottom of the page, click Save.


  • The Popular Titles carousel shows the top 10 books read in your collection by patron and material type. To review and adjust the data included, go to Destiny Back Office (Admin > Site Configuration > Catalog sub-tab > Top 10 Titles section).
  • The Topics carousel lets patrons search by topic, genre, or keywords. Learn more.
  • If you have a subscription to Lightbox™, you can include a link to it from the Lightbox carousel. Learn more.