Participate in a Destiny Discover Engage challenge

Destiny Discover Engage lets you join friends in a reading challenge, as well as create your own.

Note: This feature requires a subscription to Destiny Discover Engage and the appropriate access enabled.

Join a challenge

  1. When a friend invites you to a challenge, you will see a notification in the Destiny Discover header. Click the notification to open your Message Center.

    Destiny Discover header showing the notification icon.

  2. Next to the "You've been invited!" message, click Expand icon., and then View Challenge Details.
  3. Click Accept Challenge.

    Note: If you do not want to join the challenge, click No, Thanks.

  4. To get started, click Go to Challenge.

    Challenge Accepted with Go to Challenge button.

You can also get to challenges as follows:

  • From your homepage: Go to the Reading Programs and Challenges carousel, and then click the challenge.
  • From the Destiny Discover header: Select Book Club > CHALLENGES, and then click the challenge.

    Challenges page.

Complete a challenge

Destiny Discover Engage automatically tracks when you finish reading a Follett eBook or Audiobook. If you are reading a print book or non-Follett eBook or audiobook, you can enter your progress.

  1. Select Book Club > CHALLENGES, and then click the challenge.
  2. In your reading list, below the book title, click Enter My Progress. The My Reading Progress pop-up appears.
  3. Do the following:
    1. Type the page number you are currently on, the total number of pages (if not entered previously), and the number of minutes read. Enter any comments (optional).
    2. Click Finished This Book! or Save My Progress.

      Note: Once you click Save My Progress, you cannot change the book's total number of pages.

You can see everyone's progress from the reading challenge page.

Participant challenge progress.

When you complete a challenge, you receive a badge.

Report misuse of a challenge

If you feel this feature is being misused by another student, you can report a challenge. From the challenge page, click Report Abuse, and then type a description. A librarian or other staff member at your school will be notified.