Review a Destiny Discover Engage challenge abuse report

If a student feels the Challenge feature is being misused by another student, they can report it. Destiny Discover administrators are notified upon login.


To review a challenge abuse report:

  1. When a student submits an abuse report, you will see a notification in the Destiny Discover header. Click the notification to open your Message Center.
  2. Next to the "Abuse report submitted" message, select Expand icon. > View Challenge Details.

    Message Center with Abuse report message expanded and View Challenge Details highlighted.

  3. Review the challenge, and then select one of the following:
    • No Action Needed: The challenge will remain active.
    • Delete: The challenge is removed for all participants.

      Challenge Details with options highlighted.

You can also access reported challenges that have not been addressed as follows:

From the Destiny Discover header, select Book Club > CHALLENGES. Challenges that have been reported and not addressed appear in the REPORTED CHALLENGES section.

Challenges page, Reported Challenges section.