Create a Destiny Discover Engage challenge

Destiny Discover Engage challenges turn reading into a social activity, where students encourage each other to meet reading goals. You can also set one up to track a personal reading goal.


Create a challenge

  1. In the Destiny Discover header, click Book Club.
  2. From the CHALLENGES tab, click CREATE CHALLENGE +.

    Book Club page with Challenges tab and Create Challenge option highlighted.

  3. Enter a challenge name and a description (optional).

    Creating Reading Challenge slide-out.

  4. If you want to challenge friends:
    1. Click Add icon..
    2. Search for a friend's name, and then click INVITE. Repeat this step for each friend you want to add.
    3. Click Add to Challenge.

      Note: Friends you invite will see a notification in the Destiny Discover header.

  5. From the SET REMINDERS drop-down, select a frequency.
  6. In the Set Read By Date field, click Calendar icon. to select a date.
  7. In the ADD TITLES section:
    1. Click Add icon..
    2. Search for a title.
    3. Next to the title, select More Options icon. > Add to Challenge. Repeat this step for each title.
  8. Do one of the following:
    • To save the challenge as a draft, click Save.
    • To start the challenge, click Start Challenge. Once you start it, any friends will be notified the next time they log in.

    Note: You can save a challenge as a draft without completing all required information.

    Create a Challenge slide-out.

Note: You can also add a title to a new or existing challenge from the homepage, search results, or when viewing title information.

Edit a challenge

  1. In the Destiny Discover header, click Book Club.
  2. From the CHALLENGES tab, click the challenge you want to edit.

    Challenge with Edit Challenge highlighted.

  4. Make any changes, and then click Save.

    Note: Participants are notified of any changes to the name, date, or book list.

Accept a challenge

To learn how to accept a challenge, see Participate in a Destiny Discover Engage challenge.