Access the Destiny Discover app

The Destiny Discover app lets you quickly search for all library content. Open, read, check out, download, and return eBooks and audiobooks – all from the convenience of your iOS or Android device. You can also see all the library materials you have checked out, along with the due dates.

Destiny Discover app icon.


The app is available for:

  • iOS 14 and later
  • Android v7 and later

To download it, visit your device’s app store and search for “Destiny Discover.”

Note to librarians: The Destiny Discover app requires Destiny v18.0 or later.

Log In

  1. Use the LOCATION drop-down to select your state or province.
  2. In the Search School Name field, type the first few letters of your school’s name. When your school shows in the suggestions, select it, and then click Continue.
    Destiny Discover app 'Find Your School' screen.

    Note: If a pop-up appears, review it, and then tap Continue.

  3. Type your Username and Password, and then tap Login.

Log Out

Once you log in, you will stay logged in until you log out.

To log out:

From the bottom or side of the screen (depending on your device), tap MORE > Log out.

To learn how to use the app, see Use the Destiny Discover app.

To learn how to use the app for the add-on subscription Destiny Discover Engage, see Use the Destiny Discover app for Destiny Discover Engage.