Show Lightbox content on the homepage

You can show Lightbox™Lightbox™ content on your homepage in different ways, depending on whether you own titles, have a subscription, or both.

  • If you own Lightbox titles, you can enable the Lightbox Featured Content category. If you also have a Lightbox subscription, you can include a link to it in the category's carousel.
  • If you have a Lightbox subscription, but do not own any Lightbox titles, add a link to a subscription as a Learning Resource.

To feature a link to your Lightbox subscription (alongside titles you own in the Lightbox category) on the homepage:

  1. From the Destiny Discover header, select More > Admin.
  2. Select Display Options > Featured Content.
  3. On the Lightbox button, click Edit icon..
  4. Type the Subscription URL.
  5. Click Save URL.
  6. At the bottom of the page, click Save.