Hide or unhide a Follett Digital title

There are various reasons you might want to hide or unhide a title. For example, if your district buys Follett eBooks that are automatically distributed to all schools, they will not be available for circulation until you unhide them.

To hide or unhide a title from all users:

  1. Go to Discover Admin.
  2. Click Title Maintenance.
  3. Next to the title you want to hide or unhide, select or deselect the checkbox in the Hidden column.
    Title Maintenance page with Hidden column highlighted.
  4. Click Save.

Note: Hidden titles will still appear in reports.

You can also hide a title from a specific patron type. For example, you might want to make some titles only available to teachers. To do this, create a Follett Digital circulation type with the Loan Period set to zero for any patron types you do not want to see the title.

Add Circulation Type page with Student loan period set to zero.