Use the Destiny Discover Google Chrome extension

Once the Destiny Discover Google Chrome™ extension is set up, when you perform a Google search, you see Destiny Discover search results in a ribbon above the Google search results.

Do any of the following: 

  • Scroll through Destiny Discover resources using the forward and back arrows.
  • Narrow your search to a specific material type using the Filter drop-down.
  • Click View More via Destiny Discover to open the full Destiny Discover search results page.
  • Click hide/show to collapse/display the Destiny Discover search results.

Note: To set whether Destiny Discover search results show or are collapsed with a new search, click and then . From the Starting search ribbon state drop-down, select the view you want a new search results page to default to: Show more, Show less, or Remember last.

In the search results, click a website search result image to open that site. For all other resources, click a search result image to open its Title Details page in Destiny Discover.

Note to librarians: Guest access to Destiny Discover is required.